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Doha A City of Shops and Malls

Doha is the capital and most populous place in Qatar. It is a city that is constantly evolving and changing as it morphs itself into one of the world’s most attractive cities. No skyscrapers spring up everyday, it is a city that oozes confidence and style and it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of shopping experiences, modern and old-fashioned available to enjoy here. Another reason why Qatar is truly one of the up and coming places in the world is because of the copious shoppin

Mechri Transportation Services | Transfer Company | Abu Dhabi – UAE

Abu Dhabi is a land known for decadence and luxury; it is only fitting that you explore this land in class and comfort. Established in 2012, Mechri Transportation Services takes pride in providing outstanding transportation services to all of its customers. Having built up a reputation where you can count on them for reliability, efficiency and punctuality. They are the number one choice when it comes to all your transportation needs, whether its limousine and chauffeur services, bus transporta

Jordan Allure Tours | Private Tour Company | Jordan

Jordan Allure Tours is a boutique travel agency creating personalized travel experiences that connect travelers to Middle East destinations in meaningful and sustainable ways. They do this by providing deluxe custom itineraries and promoting cultural exchange with local associations, workshops and families.  The company’s owners, the Nawafleh family, are descended from one of the prominent families in Petra and have been involved in tourism for generations. Their concern is always to provide su

Beirut Jewel of the Middle East

A fast paced city where the east meets the west, a trip to Beirut can leave your head in a spin but with an experience you will never forget. Lebanon is thriving, as it enjoys a peaceful period and continued development. Nowhere is this more apparent than Beirut, it is the city where everyone from all over the Middle East heads to when looking for a party or enjoy a spot of shopping. The Lebanese people are friendly, fun, passionate, creative, hedonistic making a trip one of the funnest on eart

Fraser Suites West Bay Doha | Luxury Hotel | Qatar

Tucked away in the upmarket region of West Bay, the newly established five star Fraser Suites West Bay Doha has over 396 rooms up for grabs. The location of the luxury hotel is such that it is close to all the important landmarks of the city, including the Corniche, popular shopping malls, and the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC). Choose between the deluxe, one, two or three bedroom suites based on the level of luxury you wish to have. All the rooms are fully-serviced and are spread

Diva Lounge Spa | Spa | Qatar

Diva Lounge Spa offers signature spa journeys that will take the guests into a cocoon of peace and serenity. The journeys at Diva are based on the Earth, Fire, Air, and Water elements that are essential to maintain the body’s balance and well-being. There are a range of other self-care services that the centre specialises in such as the Bridal Spa, Body Scrubs, Facial, Massage Therapy, Hammam Rituals, and Milk Baths, to name a few. The journey based on the Earth element specialises in restoring

Al Khobar – A Modern Masterpiece

Al-Khobar is one of the gems of the Middle East. This Saudi Arabian city located on the Arabian Gulf. Its Corniche, a large waterfront area, includes Prince Faisal bin Fahad Sea Park, with cafes and playgrounds. Nearby, the city’s island Water Tower offers panoramic views. The Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (SciTech) has an aquarium, interactive displays and an IMAX theater. West, the Aramco Exhibit is a museum exploring the Saudi oil industry. This is a city that will tru

Casablanca Grand Hotel | Design Hotel | Saudi Arabia

Conveniently located in a posh suburb of Jeddah, the Casablanca Grand Hotel takes 5 star accommodation to the next level. Built with state of the art technological services, this hotel strives hard to give you the best possible amenities. The prime location of the hotel makes it easy for you to access the finest malls and business districts of the city. It's also situated just 10 minutes away from the Jeddah corniche.Choose from Royal Suites, Executive Suites, Excellence and VIP Rooms, and regul

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