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Looking past Brussels

There is more to Belgium than meets the eye, it’s not only about major cities like Brussels, the capital of Belgium, there is the often overlooked towns such as Hoogstraten and the surrounding area, that should really be explored. Take Hoogstraten for example, with a population of around 20,000, it lies in the Flanders region on the northern borders of Belgium. Historically would have started out as a small town but has developed and has become internationally known for its strawberries, althou

Hilton Marmara Region Bomonti | Hotel and Spa | Istanbul

Located opposite the grand Bomontiada, which was also formerly known as Bomonti Beer Factory, the Hilton Marmara Region Bomonti can be found nestled in the most colourful part of the city of Istanbul. As soon as you step out of the hotel, you are met with a street that is lined with the most popular entertainment venues of the city. Transportation couldn’t get better with the bustling Osmanbey Metro Station just a 10-minute-walk away from the hotel.  Luxury Redefined This hotel is the biggest o

H10 Duque de Loule | Boutique Hotel | Portugal

H10 Duque de Loule was established back in March, 2015. Since then, it has successfully made a reputable name amongst top boutique hotels in Portugal. Located in a historical building in the heart of Lisbon, this hotel makes it easy for you to access all the primary tourist attractions of the city. Famous interior designer Lazaro Rosa-Violan can be accredited for renovating and decorating the structure with stylish, yet elegant elements. Its beautiful 18th-century facade has been preserved, whi

Lesser Known Lisbon

Discover the side of Lisbon as seen through the eyes locals “Feira de Lada” the Thieves Market, held twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays in the historical and characterful district of Alfama, easily accessible from the Santa Apolonia metro line.  From its thirteenth century origins, the market has grown in popularity over the centuries and is a treasure-trove of vintage clothing, curios and collectables.  Explore the higher areas on one of the three graphitised funiculars of Lisbon.  This meth

Greek Grape Wine Tours | Wine Tour Company | Greece

Be prepared for the most memorable food and wine experience in Greece with Greek Grape Wine Tours! Whether you’re visiting Greece for the first or the umpteenth time, it would be a shame to not visit its sprawling vineyards. Tour Greek Vineyards To truly experience Greece, you need to understand the North, the Peloponnese, the Central and other important islands. Each region has its own special wines, culinary customs, unique people and varied histories and you need a knowledgeable guide to ens

Four Doors Hotel | Affordable Boutique Hotel | Turkey

Located right in the center of the historic district of Istanbul, Four Doors Hotel is among the most popular accommodations for guests from all around the world. The hotel represents luxury, comfort and convenience - all at the same time. Comfort Personified The hotel is equipped with 18 luxurious and luminous hotel rooms. Each room is classically furnished with artistic interiors. The rooms are further adorned with blackout curtains to ensure that guests receive maximum privacy. The rooms are

Karpathos – The Hidden Gem

The second largest of the Dodecanese and a very special island. Thirty miles long and seven-foot-wide, Karpathos has a traditional sleepy atmosphere with a low key vibe and rugged backdrop of pine forests and jagged peaks.  Karpathos is a sanctuary for those seeking peace and quiet, with a quaint village atmosphere and draw dropping views across the Aegean See. A climb to the ancient village of Olympos, only recently accessible by car, situated 7 kilometres high up in the mountains to experienc

Elements Arctic Camp | Adventure Experience | Norway

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your routine life? The frantic cacophony and commotion of modern living can take a toll on your mental peace. A break from this fast-paced urban lifestyle brings you close to nature and lets you enjoy the bliss of silence and solitude. If you are craving for such a rejuvenating getaway, head straight to Elements Arctic Camp in Norway. Located on the island of Rebbenesøya, north of Tromsø in Norway, Elements Arctic Camp welcomes you for a unique adventure. Enjoy

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