Many travellers to Asia cite the food as one of the notable highlights during their time in the region and Taiwan is no exception to that rule. With a diverse and flavourful cuisine, foodies and their taste buds are certain to fall in love with the food culture of Taiwan.

Savoury Classics in Taiwan

For something completely unusual and unique to Taiwan, consider sampling a taste of the Taiwanese Iron egg. The colour and appearance can seem a little intimidating but brave and open-minded foodies will be rewarded for their efforts. These “iron eggs” are essentially chewy, flavoured eggs and are a popular snack in Taiwan. Originating in the northern town of Danshui, the eggs are boiled, and air dried several times before spices and flavourings are added. The eggs are available in a variety of flavours – from garlic to spicy chilli.

When dinner time swings around, slurp up some Mee Sua – thin salted noodles that are made from wheat flour and served with a rich both and pig’s intestines. Ask locals to advise you of their favourite Mee Sua restaurants. The queues at the popular spots are long but certainly worth the wait. Mee Sua restaurants often have a selection of sauces available for you to choose from for extra taste – commonly garlic and chilli. To eat like a local, add a healthy dollop of each, mix it together and enjoy.

Taiwan for Sweet Tooths

No dinner time is complete without rounding it off with dessert and the Taiwanese know that all too well – the precise reason why there are so many sweet treats in their cuisine. Consider ordering up a serving of an A-Zhu Peanut Ice Cream Roll. Originating in Yilan, the ice cream roll is comprised of special sticky peanut candy along with homemade scoops of taro ice cream, all rolled together neatly in a spring roll. Forget the savoury spring rolls you are used to. After trying the A-Zhu peanut ice cream roll we are sure you’ll have a new favourite.