The azure blue waters that surround the Maldives are a home to hive of activity that any type of traveller would just love. Whether you want to snorkel, island hoping, fishing or water sports and just enjoying some luxury – there is something for everyone here.

There are lots of chartered diving companies that will take you on some unbelievable diving trips. Most companies provide you with fins, snorkel and mask for the house reef snorkelling and snorkelling excursions. There are a few standard excursions offered by every resort. Snorkelling trips take guests to their house reef, if it is inaccessible from the island, and to other reefs nearby. This can take place once or twice a day and can be to great reefs or to dull ones. As a general rule, it is much better if the dive school rather than the management runs these. Hanifaru bay is the largest ‘feeding station’ in the world, the area is abundant in marine life due to large amounts of plankton that washes in which attracts the big draw cards, such as beloved Manta Rays.

The relaxing surroundings of the Maldives mean one of the must things to do here is enjoy a luxurious spa treatment. You can have classic, package treatments at your local resort or some companies are even doing things a bit differently nowadays with underwater spa treatments, yes that’s right – underwater! It’s the ultimate relaxation experience, receiving a treatment surrounded by glass walls that are staring out into the beautiful turquoise ocean while its marine life dance around you


From fresh tropical fruit to delicious fish; from barbecued meat to Japanese or Italian cuisine; one of the greatest things to do in Maldives is eating. The sand, sea and high-end luxury offered at most resorts in the Maldives may be more than enough for some but others might like to tap into the rich culture and heritage on, what locals refer to as, a “home” island.

With so many islands, you will find yourself island hopping pretty often to see the many different sights and sounds. There are range of different parts to see from uninhabited islands to just having the chance to enjoy a different type of resort. Try and make sure you arrange a guided tour of an island so you can learn a bit about its culture and history, while meeting local people and seeing the various places of interest. Another variation is a desert island excursion overnight for a couple, armed only with a mobile phone and bottles of champagne.

Whatever you choose to do, the Maldives is eloquent, exotic location that will recharge your batteries and give you that much sought after rest and relaxation many of us look for when we go away and travel.