Visiting caves will show you an enchanting underworld that will take your breath away. We have a portfolio of magnificent destinations where this is possible.

Postojnska Jama, SloveniaThere are few things on Earth as enchanting, mysterious and breathtaking as natural caves. These stunning subterranean underworlds create weaving networks with all kinds of hidden treasures just waiting to be uncovered. If visiting caves in beautiful parts of the world sounds like your kind of holiday, then the team at Prestige Holidays can put together a fantastic trip to one of these magnificent cave networks.

Perhaps the most famous cavern in the world, this is known by many as the “Grand Canyon underground” and these same people say that a 45-storey skyscraper could comfortably fit within. In addition to its gigantic size, Postojnska Jama also has a spectacular river that gushes through it.

Where to Stay – Hotel Triglav is a charming property that is surrounded by natural beauty. It is found near the outstanding Lake Bled, so you can enjoy hiking trails around the area or simply enjoy the views from your room.

The Crystal & Fantasy Caves, Bermuda

You will soon understand the names for these astonishing subterranean caverns when you step inside. Deep underground pools of azure water and intricate chandelier clusters in all sizes hang from the ceiling – this feels like an otherworldly place. Bermuda’s “True Hidden Treasures” will take your breath away.

Where to Stay – Grotto Bay Resort arranges lovely cave swimming experiences in the underground hotel pool and their Natural Spa has been built into a natural cave with its own epic crystal clear lake. There is no better way to unwind after a thrilling day of visiting caves than by floating on the mesmerising lake or indulging in a body treatment.

Green Caves, Lanzarote

An incredible green glow is created within Cueva de los Verdes that gives it in amazing aura – this is created due to the volcanic minerals deposited on the cave walls. The amazing structure was formed by underground lava over 3,000 years ago. There is an astonishing concert hall that has been built in the centre, brilliantly fusing history and modern culture together.

Where to Stay – Seaside Los Jameos Playa is a marvellous four star hotel that is located in the centre of impressive subtropical gardens. It is a great choice for those who enjoy nature more than the nightlife and beaches.

Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca

An awe-inspiring network of 4 gigantic caves that were discovered in the 14th century, Cuevas del Drach consists of The White Cave, The Cave of the French, The Black Cave and The Cave of Louis Salvador. Each enormous cavern is a breathtaking site and somewhere that the locals perform special candlelit gigs.

Where to Stay – Park Hyatt in Canyamel is a peaceful hotel that is surrounded by enchanting pine forests and a just a short trip to the sea. The five star hotel also has superb facilities and offers complete luxury within a beautiful natural setting.

Blue Grotto, Malta

Found on the southern coast of Malta, this grotto earns its name due to the magical blue glow that illuminates the space – this is a result of the strong sunlight shining off the inviting waters. During the summer, the water is perfect for snorkelling in depths of the caves.

Where to Stay – Xara Palace in the capital (Mdina) is the ideal location and just a 15 minute drive from Blue Grotto. The 17th century building has been restored by the owners and each room is filled with paintings, amazing Parisian fabrics, antique furniture and more.


Visiting caves is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the most intricate and stunning structures on the planet. The magical underworlds listed here will blow you away with their stalagmites and stalactites, but contact the team if you would like to hear more about our other destinations where you can explore underground.