Our fantastic Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik allows you to immerse yourself in the popular show, as here you step foot into the mythical land of Kings Landing

In recent years, the beautiful UNESCO – listed Croatian city of Dubrovnik has skyrocketed in popularity and earned the attention of an entirely new demographic. This is because Dubrovnik is the location setting for the mighty King’s Landing, a crucial location in Westeros where the likes of Tyrion Lannister, Nedd Stark, Joffrey Baratheon (*shudder*) and Cersei Lannister have spent significant periods of time and many, many key scenes have taken place.Game of Thrones fan? It’s hard to find someone who isn’t completely hooked on HBO’s spectacular TV show from George R.R Martin’s books, which is why I am confident that I have a vacation that you are going to love.

It has been wonderful to see the city prosper from legions of fans who flock to Dubrovnik to immerse themselves within the Game of Thrones universe. Here at Prestige Holidays, we have put together a thrilling Game of Thrones tour that is sure to inspire any real fan.

Day One

Your heart will skip a beat once you catch your first glimpse of the iconic red roofs that contrast beautifully with the shimmering blue ocean as you arrive at the airport. You then can enjoy the scenic coastal drive down before arriving in Old Town, where you will immediately feel like you have stepped into a mythical world.

After spending time getting settled into your accommodation, it is time to indulge in an authentic GOT feast! The restaurant, Jezuite, is so close to where much of the action is filmed in Dubrovnik that it’s bound to feel familiar. Who knows, you may even encounter stars like Natalie Dormer or Sophie Turner who have both been known to drop in to enjoy the seafood.

After dinner, we will take you on a stroll along an immediately recognisable route – this is the shocking “walk of shame” route that the High Sparrow made Cersei follow from the Great Sept of Baelor. This is just one of the (many!) brutal scenes that this show has delivered over the years.

Day Two

After a hearty breakfast in your luxury accommodation, the Game of Thrones tour continues with a guide showing you the various filming sites around Old Town. This includes the ancient city walls, the back streets and parks, Bokar fortress and Min eta Tower (The House of the Undying) – many fans have commented how surreal it is to enter their favourite fantasy world!

Next, you will be crossing the Narrow Sea to Quarth where Daenerys Targaryen visits in Season 2. In the show, this is located very, very far from Kings Landing on the southern coast of Essos, but here is it called Lokrum and is merely 600m off the coast of Dubrovnik! It is a stunning UNESCO-protected site with gorgeous beaches and lush vegetation.

In the evening you are free to explore Dubrovnik (and re-enact scenes if you wish!)

Day Three

Day three kicks off by ascending high above Kings Landing aka Dubrovnik on the cable car where you are treated to incredible aerial views over Old Town similar to those breathtaking shots from the show. Following this, you get to stroll through the pretty Trsteno Botanical Gardens, which were used for those fantastic scenes with Oleanna and Margaerey Tyrell, Sansa, Lord Baelish and Lord Varys.

Your Game of Thrones tour concludes with a final afternoon and evening doing as you please around the city – I recommend a walk around the walls at sunset before finishing your holiday off with a meal with views over the Adriatic.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the mythical and all important Kings Landing, contact our advisors today to find out more about this unique tour.