Do you often feel overwhelmed by your routine life? The frantic cacophony and commotion of modern living can take a toll on your mental peace. A break from this fast-paced urban lifestyle brings you close to nature and lets you enjoy the bliss of silence and solitude. If you are craving for such a rejuvenating getaway, head straight to Elements Arctic Camp in Norway.

Located on the island of Rebbenesøya, north of Tromsø in Norway, Elements Arctic Camp welcomes you for a unique adventure. Enjoy your rendezvous with splendid natural beauty and exquisite marine life of the Arctic coast. Experience the thrill of sea kayaking, hiking and snowshoeing during winters. This is also the perfect spot for witnessing the magic of the northern lights.

Elements Arctic Camp

Elements Arctic Camp

Living like Urban Gypsies

Elements Arctic Camp offers accommodation in two rustic yurts that are best described as modern nomadic tents. Each yurt has four comfortable beds with duvets and pillows. Two extra guests can be accommodated by adding mattresses on the floor. In addition, guests can also spend a leisurely time in the lounge area that is decked with cozy furniture.

The journey to this beautiful property is nothing short of an expedition. You can request the administration to arrange for a pickup in Tromsø city. After a scenic 90-minute drive, you will embark on a short ferry ride to reach Rebbenesøya. Thereafter, you will have to walk through the picturesque landscapes of the island for 15-minutes to reach Elements Arctic Camp.

First-time visitors might be slightly taken aback on knowing that the yurts aren’t equipped with electricity or water supply. However, the yurts are completely insulated and fitted with kerosene and wood-fired ovens to keep you warm as the mercury dips. Pure water can be fetched from a stream located just 200 meters from Elements Arctic Camp. This is the closest you will ever get to the adventure of living like the early man.

Don’t be fooled by the rustic charm of these yurts. They are fitted with fully functional kitchens featuring state of the art equipment such as a gas oven, refrigerator, and a mini freezer. You will be tempted to go fishing in the nearby lakes and prepare a hearty meal with the day’s fresh catch. Guests also get access to a bio-toilet in the boathouse at Elements Arctic Camp. The boathouse also offers drying and storage facilities for clothes.

Prepare yourself to go off the grid as modern facilities like Wi-Fi, radio, and satellite TV aren’t available. It is the lack of these distractions that guarantees a completely rejuvenating holiday. The secluded ambiance inspires you to spend countless moments of introspection and self-reflection. As you listen to the serenading sounds of nature, you become more self-aware and calm.

Recreational Facilities

Despite its remote and inaccessible location, Elements Arctic Camp offers several opportunities for outdoor activities. The property offers a few specially curated packages for sea kayaking, bonfire, and culinary exploration. Guests can choose among trips of various durations or request the courteous staff for a customized package.

As you navigate through the pristine seawaters on your kayak, you will be mesmerized by the landscapes surrounding you. Indulge in bird watching as you pass many small islets and sheaves. One can easily spot sea eagles, otters, and seals on such kayak trips during the day. If you seek a stronger adrenaline rush, go kayaking in the dark. If you are lucky, the enchanting northern lights will make your adventure even more memorable.

During winter, guests can enjoy the pleasure of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. You can go fishing at the scenic lakes during the daytime. Spend the evenings getting cozy around a campfire while listening to the pacifying lullaby of nature. The neighborhood also offers plenty of hiking trails for the more adventurous ones.

Elements Arctic Camp curates a unique adventure experience that allows you to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. You can simply spend your time stargazing and marveling at the serenity of nature or you can explore various outdoor activities to explore the picture-perfect surroundings. In either case, this getaway will charge you up and prepare you to face any hardships that might come your way.

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