Opulence and variety are the order of the day at Ontario’s magnificent Dolce Bella Spa. A spa where history and luxury meet to create a unique one-stop spa experience. Established within a 19th Century Wooden Mill nestled on the tranquil waterfront of Ottawa’s famous River-Rideau Canal, the Dolce Bella Spa retains its historical charm while boasting an array of wellness services administered by expertly trained staff using only the highest quality products.

Dolce Bella Salon

To start, familiar and more conventional treatments are presented. There’s plenty to choose from, this includes facials, massages, body treatments (such as wraps and hydrotherapy), mani-pedi, makeup services (using Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup), and waxing. On top of this, there is a healthy cuisine menu available, serving freshly prepared dishes, made using the finest ingredients.

These services to enhance the whole wellness experience leaving your insides feeling as pampered as your exterior. To give gives guests the utmost in value Dolce Belle offers a range of packages designed for varying group sizes, events, and needs.

Reception Spa

A unique feature of the Dolce Bella Spa is the on-site hair salon. The salon offers a wide range of services to perfect complement the beauty treatments that will no doubt leave you looking fresh as ever for any occasion. The medical aesthetic treatments round off the excellent array of services at Dolce Bella Spa.

Should you want healthy, glowing, and younger-looking skin then these treatments may be ideal for you. Skin rejuvenation therapies, acne treatment, permanent hair removal, and pigmented lesion remedies, are all available.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent waterfront location, that offers lovely views and is easily accessible.
  • Extensive range of treatments that for far and beyond a conventional spa.
  • Outstanding online reviews that praise the staff, the environment, quality of service, and overall experience.
  • Beautiful and relaxing interior. The décor and overall style create a relaxing ambience.

Contact Info

Dolce Bella LogoAddress: 8 Cataraqui Street, Kingston, Ontario,Canada
Tel: +1 877 424 4417
: info@dolcebellaspa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dolcebellaspa