The inviting turquoise waters of French Polynesia are only broken up by the infinite beauty that sits atop of them in the form of the islands themselves. A quick dip below the surface of these surrounding waters will lead to a discovery of a world packed full with wildlife and stunning corals that any diver, experienced to beginner would appreciate.

11 of the islands currently have diving centers, leaving you with plenty of options as you select where you want to dive, whether it’s the Tuamotus famed for its low lying coral atolls or the Society Islands that are brimming with deep green mountains and picturesque waterfalls. The best time to visit is between March and September, having said that conditions for diving are usually excellent no matter what time of the year. Water temperatures never usually go below 25 degrees Celsius.

French Polynesia

Infamous dive spots of the region include Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa, particularly for drift divers as you will be awe inspired by the Barracudas and sharks that call this place home. Bora Bora contains a thrilling lagoon where you can get super close to manta rays, sharks and turtles alongside a coral wall. Moorea is a dive spot exclusively for those who want to dive with sharks, in particular reef sharks and lemon sharks. For those that love Stingrays, head to Taotoi which has the exciting ‘Stingray World.’

On the main island of Tahiti, then you will no doubt take a dive to see The Wrecks. Here you will discover the remains of a World War Two minesweeper that was sunk in 1967. It is thought that it was used as an inter-island ferry before it was deliberately sunk. Schools of fish weave in-between the wreckage, making it a must see site. Whale season is from August – September to October – November and can usually be spotted in Moorea and Tahiti.