Diva Lounge Spa offers signature spa journeys that will take the guests into a cocoon of peace and serenity. The journeys at Diva are based on the Earth, Fire, Air, and Water elements that are essential to maintain the body’s balance and well-being. There are a range of other self-care services that the centre specialises in such as the Bridal Spa, Body Scrubs, Facial, Massage Therapy, Hammam Rituals, and Milk Baths, to name a few.

The journey based on the Earth element specialises in restoring the individual’s natural connection with the planet that further restores the inner balance and stability. The integral component of the service is Kahraman (Amber), which is a precious healing element known to improve blood circulation and restore balance by combating free radicals in the body. The service begins with a luxurious full body exfoliation for purification. Following which, the body is thoroughly massaged with the use of Amber stones and Argan oil. Similarly, the centre’s Water element-based spa journey specialises in providing an exquisite relaxation time while stimulating mental focus through the power of hydration. The journey starts off with an ancient Oriental Hammam experience that will detoxify your skin from within, followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage and nourishing facial treatment to deeply moisturize the individual’s skin. 

Diva Lounge Spa

The spa journey based on the Fire element further elevates and invigorates the individual’s spirit through an intense hot stone ritual which soothes the entire body, followed by a leg and foot massage that rids the body of harmful toxins. The final step of the journey includes a deep facial cleanse, a massage, and an Eastern scalp massage. Finally, the Air element journey gives inner stability and outer radiance. The journey includes thorough pampering of the face, followed by a customized facial for your special skin type. The service is concluded by an exquisite spa manicure and pedicure treatment. Diva Lounge Spa ensures that it heals your mind, body, and soul. 

Judges’ Feedback 

  • Excellent variety in terms of spa treatments on offer. The packaged options are well thought out, efficient and creatively branded. The option to create your own package is a huge bonus 
  • The use of good quality and well renowned products such as Thalgo and Charme d’Orient Paris 
  • Amazing feedback and reviews online across a range of platforms. Guests are most pleased with the female only set up, brilliant customer service, great results and friendly atmosphere 
  • The website is easy to use, creatively branded, informative and allows guests to book with ease as well as purchase gift vouchers and explore membership options
Diva Lounge SpaAddress: Omar Al Mukhtar StreetDoha 39027, Qatar
Phone: +974 4432 6927