Sri Lanka – a country rich in its heritage and is famously known as one of the famous tourist destinations in Asia. It also is proud to home a number of places that boasts the naturally gifted sightseeing locations spread across the whole country.

Whether you are visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, or a frequent traveler to the beautiful nation – Devon Falls definitely is among the top list of places to visit.

Devon falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is located on the A7 highway, 6km west of Talawakale in the Nuwara Eliya district. The name Devon originated from the man himself – Devon, who was a pioneer coffee planter that owned a plantation located close to the waterfall.
If you’re travelling to the hill capital of Sri Lanka, experiencing the true beauty of nature seen at Devon Falls is definitely an thrill not to be missed. The waterfall is 97 meters high and 1159m above sea level, and one would have to walk roughly up to a kilometer from the main road in order to get closer to the waterfall. However, you could also view it clearly from the main road without getting too close as well. There are two locations on the A7 route from which this remarkable waterfall could be observed. One would be the lower point, which is preferred by most tour guides and tourists since this observation point gives its visitors a glimpse of both Devon Falls and St.Clairs’s too. The second point of observation would be in the railway at Watagoda place, which is roughly 10km away from the railway station.

Whether you are travelling with a bunch of friends, or whether you are travelling with family – it is mostly recommended to rent a car which would ease the trouble of getting around in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to take a detour and visit other locations as well. Prior to your visit in Sri Lanka, rent a car services could be arranged in order to avoid last minute change in plans in your travel itinerary. Many rent a car services such as Kings Rent A Car Colombo offer a range of vehicles in their fleet and you could choose from an SUV or a car, anything that makes you comfortable during your travel. The hill capital and Devon Falls is just one of the few awesome experiences that Sri Lanka has to offer – however we recommend that you plan a full itinerary prior to your visit in order to make the most out of your holiday in Sri Lanka.