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Deep South Distillery has been nominated
By the Travel & Hospitality Awards for 2020


United Kingdom, 11/08/2020: The Travel & Hospitality Awards is proud to announce that Deep South Distillery has been nominated for the Africa awards programme.

Nominations remain open for further entrants for 2020. To be put forward please submit a nomination.

Recipients of Travel & Hospitality awards were scrupulously selected based on the aggregation of reviews from multiple third-party sources. Selected by a panel of experts who analyze submission material, review customer feedback and compare each entrant on their given specialty, each winner is awarded for the details that make them distinct.

To be nominated Deep South Distillery have already demonstrated outstanding customer feedback. Deep South Distillery: making the world a better place, one sip at a time!

Deep South Distillery offers an exciting new option for visitors to Cape Town. Offering tours, sales, gifts, events and tasting of its award-winning craft spirits, the distillery has become a must-do destination for tourists and locals alike.
The distillery takes its name from that part of the Cape Peninsula that lies south of the Old Cape Road as far south as Cape Point Nature Reserve. This beautiful area, with its craggy mountains stretching southwards in a jagged spine, and bordered by white beaches and blue sea, is the heart of the world-renowned Cape Floral Kingdom. It is an ideal location for a gin distillery, with its ample resources of fragrant heath-like botanicals, called fynbos (or “fine shrubs”) that can be used to create unique and inspiring craft spirits.
Deep South Craft Distillery opened its doors in December 2018, launching two award-winning gins which immediately developed a loyal local following.
The products continue to win awards, with its signature Cape Dry Gin garnering Gin of the Year in London in 2019.

The distillery offers a personal, guided Gin Tasting Experience and a fascinating, hands-on distillery tour and is a regular stop for tour groups looking for something a little different to add to their offering in the Deep South. The distillery is popular too with visitors from the many B&B’s in the area and locals who have come to see the distillery as their own. The small, quirky tasting room and bar area offers a haven for gin lovers, who can be found contentedly sipping inventive gin cocktails on sunny days.
The distillery is artisanal, and manufactures premium spirits in small batches in a very hands-on way. Activities like fermenting, distilling are not automated, and bottling and labelling are done manually. The manufacture, settling and maturation of their spirits is allowed to unfold at an unhurried pace, and even the distillery tour and tasting are conducted in a leisurely way.
The distillery is constantly experimenting with recipes and now also makes limited-release fragrant rums, delectable liqueurs and other infused spirits, many of which are available only from the distillery.
Staffed by a small but dedicated team of individuals who love what they do, the passion and purpose extends far beyond just the making and selling of exceptional spirits. The goal is an enjoyable and holistic gin experience that includes knowledge and fun in equal measure.

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