Known as the “Kingdom of Kerry” since the first century. This county is considered by many to be the most scenic in Ireland with its beautiful coastline, rugged mountains, lush green landscapes and breath-taking lakes. 

Narrowing down the list of things to 3 wasn’t easy but we gave it a shot and have come out with a list that’ll leave you pleased.

Drive the Ring of Kerry

A famous circular route around the county that starts and ends in Killarney and covers multiple sites. If you want to get a full experience of the beauty of the county, then this tour is for you. You’ll be in for a stunning Atlantic vistas, quaint towns, tiny beaches, waterfalls and historic estates.

Diving non-stop takes about three and a half hours but with regular stops to see the sites you may want to give yourself a couple of days.

Tour of Skellig Michael

A UNESCO world heritage site about 8 miles off the coast of county Kerry. Known nowadays for its part in the recent Star Wars films, this was once an isolated hermitage. You’ll need a ticket to land on the island and the best way to get there is via a ferry but Helicopter tours are also available. 

Once on the island the only way to get around is on foot. Although the island is well maintained the hike to the monastery at the top can be a little testing, comfortable clothing and footwear is advised. In the end the walk will be worth it for the glorious view and rustic housing.

Walk (or Cycle) the Gap of Dunloe

A narrow mountain pass through the McGillicuddy Reeks and Purple mountains that serves as a popular walking and cycling route. You will be in for something spectacular as the route runs past five deep glacial lakes, the River Loe and a picturesque old bridge.  If you’re not in the mood for biking or walking then we recommend a jaunting car ride through the gap, a unique experience in its own right. 

County Kerry