How is it that “running” can be considered the best vehicle to deliver a tour?

Running participants can:

(1) Slip down tight alleyways and underpasses where buses won’t fit.
(2) They are not confined to the geography of the river as boats are.
(3) They can slip into indoor spaces bikes can’t go.
(4) They are not confined to the myriad of limitations as are the Segway’s.
(5) They can cover much greater distances and area vs a walking tour.

The running tour guide has much more control over the route than guides of other vehicles. Stops can be added, stories lengthened or shortened, and photo ops galore provided. Chicago Running Tours & More tosses in a couple added bonuses for running tour participants.
1) The guide takes numerous action and pose photos, with famous landmarks as back drops, along the route. Those photos can be electronically accessed at no additional cost.
2) Participants will receive a follow up message containing a synopsis of information covered during the tour. So you don’t have to try and remember everything the guide said. Who else does that?

All tours, whether it be running, walking, museum, or cemetery, delivered by Chicago Running Tours and More, are designed to contain four main ingredients.

1. We strive to make it “ENRICHING”: Participant experienced an enhanced quality of value.
2. We strive to make it “FULLFILLING”: Participants expectations were met and or exceeded.
3. We make it “MEANINGFUL”: Participant will hear relevant, useful, & significant information.
4. We make it “MEMORABLE”: Participant will find experience unforgettable, indelible, and enduring.

We are a small business. Unless it is a pre-arranged corporate event, or cemetery tour, we limit group tours to 15 participants. We don’t want our customers to be just another number. We would like to get to know you and be your friend.

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