A tour inside the original French “2 chevaux” is what you get when traveling with Cedric’s Paris. Traverse charming streets and tiny squares of the city that are unknown to tourists and to even many Parisians! Whether you’re looking to see the city at night or into discovering it beyond the famous monuments, every single tour is possible when traveling with them. For larger groups, a 1976 VolksWagen Kombi Bert is the perfect vehicle to drive around the city and enjoy time with family. If you’re more of a walker, a private walking tour around the lively markets of the city is all you need to discover Paris like a native Parisian! A bachelorette party special tour is available as well. With an option to customize the tours according to your needs, it is possible to make the most out of your trips to Paris.

Address: 7 Rue des Rondonneaux, 75020 Paris, France
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Website: http://www.cedricsparis.com