Appearing like a paradise on earth, the Cayman Islands are comprised of three idyllic islands, offering all the luxury you’d expect of a tropical getaway and much more aside.

If you are looking for relaxation, delicious dining, buzzing nightlife or the azure blue waters of the Caribbean and the colourful reefs that live below – the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Grand Cayman has something for everyone. Little Cayman is home to striking scenery and delightful hideaways. The sister island offers a rare combination of sun-drenched solitude, glistening beaches and miles of untouched tropical wilderness. The name Cayman Brac comes from its breath-taking bluff. Both rugged and charming, it provides a home for both adventure-seekers and nature-lovers while offering the opportunity to get up close and personal with its dramatic views and exotic flora.

Cayman Islands

Architecture in Cayman is a spectrum as well, with some structures still taking stylistic cues from the Old World. The Cayman Islands enjoys a vibrant art scene with over 250 practicing artists, seven commercial galleries, a National Gallery with a permanent art collection and up to ten rotating contemporary art exhibitions per annum, several publicly accessible artist’s studios, and many more exhibition spaces hosted in restaurants and cafes across the island. Strolling the streets of Grand Cayman, you may notice some notes in step with the scenes around you. What you hear is a kitchen band – blending the soul of jazz, the happiness of calypso and the message of reggae.