Casa da Baia – Centro de Promocao Turistica literally translates to The “House of the Bay – Center for Tourism Promotion.” It serves as an authentic business card of the region of Setubal. The space is located in a 18th century building and gives you all the information that is necessary to explore the region.

Casa da Baia

It includes a tourist service area and a wine area, with a wine cellar where all the region’s producers are represented. It’s a great place for wine connoisseurs as there’s a shop where you can choose from the vast range of local wines. There’s also loads of information for tourists who wish to explore the Setubal region. You can find information related to tours, points of interest, and learn about some amazing options for tasting local food and drinks.

You can also get a map to Setubal so that you can explore the entire region all by yourself. It also features a whole lot of cultural exhibits for tourists to enjoy and take in a little bit of Setubal right there. If you’re tired after all the exploration of the region, Casa da Baia serves as a great place to unwind and relax. You can sit back comfortably with a glass of wine and enjoy the cool and tranquil environs of this historic building.

The cloisters of the building function as a winter garden, giving support to the cafeteria where you can taste the famous Muscatel of Setubal. You can sit back and munch on some delicacies along with a glass of Muscatel.

The staff leaves no stone unturned to give you all the information that you require. Whether you wish to know about a local cafeteria or some trekking trail around, they’ll find everything that you need to know. Even if they don’t have an immediate answer to your query, they’ll look it up online or with their colleagues and give you the solution.

For those who wish to do some shopping, there’s a gourmet store where you can find the best of local products along with the wines. Additionally, there’s outdoor seating available where you can sit back and enjoy your wines and munchies.

History lovers have something to look forward to here as well. The Casa da Baia is built on top of Roman ruins meaning you can see this historic structure right below you! You can even find information on dolphins around the region.

While Casa da Baia – Centro de Promocao Turistica does give you information on Setubal, it is nothing short of a tourist destination in itself. It’s got everything that a tourist would want to see in a tourist attraction and that’s why, it’s the one place you simply cannot miss out on during your visit to Setubal.


Address: Avenida Luisa Todi, 468, Setubal, Setubal 2900-456, Portugal
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Phone: +351 969 656 355