Carvoeiro’s caves are set within the most extraordinary places on earth. As per UK’s “Another magazine”, the Algar of Benagil has been considered the most beautiful natural cathedrals on the planet. Carved by the pounding waves that sweep in from the vast Atlantic Ocean. These caves were shaped around 20 million years ago.

On our boat tours lengthways Algarve coast you will find spectacular views to photograph, you will experience the interior of fascinating caves built inside the imposing cliffs with idyllic secret beaches, where rock formations, play of colours with sunlight streaming through openings and the contact with the ocean will unite you forever in a set of unique indescribable sensations, only possible when feeling the magical effects, so close to nature.

From the start point Praia do Carvoeiro, we sail along the coast, past charming places such as the “Eye windows” of  “The Doll” with the famous rock formations of “Algar Seco“, the still operative “Alfanzina Lighthouse” as well as wonderful white sandy beaches Vale Covo, Carvalho, the unique caves of Benagil and spectacular archs of Worlds famous “Praia da Marinha”, reminding of an elephant drinking water and considered under the 100 nicest beaches in the world.


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