The 26th of October this year approaches with much anticipation from the local people as well as from wanderlusting travellers across the globe. Boracay has been closed for clean up and refurbishment for almost half a year so you can understand the excitement.

With pristine white sandy beaches and translucent blue waters, it is understandable why Boracay has frequently been referred to as being one of the world’s top beaches. Tourism figures in Boracay have been steadily increasing year on year as word escaped about the island’s beauty. In 2017, Boracay’s revenue from tourism reached a whopping 56 billion pesos.

Certainly the tourism boost has been positive for Boracay’s economy but it also came with a price. Environmental Chief Roy Cimatu stated that there were previously issues with pollution and sewage on the island that needed to be addressed. Boracay was previously not well equipped to deal with the huge influx of tourists and provide them with the paradise beach vacation they deserved. As such, the Boracay rehabilitation program was launched in order to present tourists with a cleaner, more organised Boracay. The roads were widened to make travel safer and more comfortable, and the beaches and businesses across the island were revamped. This is excellent news for travellers to the Philippines as it shows that Boracay is serious about ensuring visitors have the best experience possible.