If you’re a person who loves birdwatching, Azizia Bird Kingdom is the perfect place for you. This private bird sanctuary of Bahraini businessman Abdulaziz Jassim Kanoo houses more than 500 birds of over 70 different species, including critically endangered species. From the brightly coloured macaws to the California quails, this place is a treat for your eyes and ears with the melodious sounds of birds chirping around. Neatly tucked away on the shores of Amwaj Islands, this place also provides a tranquil getaway from the busy city life. It serves a dual purpose of being a recreational spot as well as a place that educates people about these beautiful creatures. The facility boasts of a nursery, gift shop as well as a cafe where you can relax after your visit. Your kids too will have a lot of fun on the rides just outside the aviary. You can also choose to have a birthday party here or even hire the venue for some private gatherings!

Al Aziza Birds Kingdom
Jood, Amwaj Islands
T: +973 1603 0597