London black cabs are as quintessentially British as Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament and had been the main mode of transport for millions of Londoners before the emergence of the most recent digital competitor. These iconic vehicles are known for being extremely reliable for getting around town- ‘cabbies’ spend up to four years scouring every nook and cranny of the city to pass the infamous ‘Knowledge’ test and qualify as licensed drivers.

Bespoke Black Cab Tours is the proud achievement of Paul, an experienced London cabbie-turned-tour guide, who had a dream of offering private and personal tours of London and beyond in the back of one of these iconic vehicles. Paul offers a truly personal experience for those interested. He manages every aspect of the company, from the first email contact to ensuring each passenger’s specific need is fully met.

Passengers can choose from pre-arranged tours that cover famous and lesser-known landmarks in and around London or opt for venturing further away to visit locations of historical significance such as Windsor Palace and even have a taste of the Dover shorelines.

Equally, many travelers prefer to create a completely customised tour of the city or beyond. Paul can make all your wishes come true and is happy to have all your questions answered and guide you to secret spots and stunning viewpoints around the city.

With such remarkable service, it is no surprise that Bespoke Black Cab Tours was recently the winner of Tour Company of the year at the THA Awards.

Black Cab Tours

Judges’ Feedback

  • Remarkable tour options focused not just in London but also day trips to popular places outside. 
  • Fantastic personal service, all tours are booked and led by the owner thus ensuring high quality.
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