If you are thinking of visiting Belize, consider the top 10 things to do when you visit. There are plenty of choices, whether relaxing on the beach or being more adventurous and visiting vast underground cave networks, the choice is yours.

  1. Maya Ruins and Temples, once the centre of the Maya civilization, temples and underground ritual chambers remain, and historic artefacts such as pottery, stone carvings and paintings.
  2. Caye Caulker is a small Caribbean island off the coast of Belize, with a laid back attitude from the locals, beautiful blue sea, the barrier reef, fantastic sea food, this was once a hidden gem, slowly being discovered by tourists.
  3. Over 160 species of fish have been identified in the Hol Chan Marine reserve, this includes 40 different species of corals, 3 marine mammals and 3 species of sea turtle. This is the perfect location for snorkelling and diving.
  4. The ATM cave, is an ancient Maya archaeological site, nestled in Belize’s lush rainforest in the Cayo District. Hiking through the caves, swimming through deep water, experiencing amazing sights creating wonderful memories of ancient history.
  5. The Jaguar Preserve, is known for one of the most impressive jungle hiking trails in Belize. During the hike, Jaguars are often seen and fantastic fauna can be seen along the way.
  6. View Belize’s Great Blue Hole from above on a helicopter trip that flies directly over the UNESCO-listed natural wonder. Also get a bird’s eye view of the Turneffe Atoll island cluster, Lighthouse Reef, and more of Belize’s barrier reef.
  7. Try some unusual Belize food, such as the traditional stewed gibnut or hudut. Belize’s artisan chocolates should also be tasted, Belize produced high quality chocolate, made from Belizean cacao beans.
  8. The Belize coastline extends 175 miles of Caribbean Sea, stunning beaches such as Placencia and Cave Caulker, the ideal locations for relaxing, snorkelling or scuba diving.
  9. Belize Zoo, originally opened as a refuge for wild animals, it has now been transformed into a zoo, not a typical enclosed zoo, here the animals live in a natural jungle environment. With over 150 animals, all born at the zoo, rehabilitated pets or orphaned animals.
  10. Visit the real Belize, away from the tourists, Dangriga is the real thing. A hotbed for music such as Punta Rock and Paranda, this is certainly a town with a vibe, where you can really appreciate the culture.