Bangladesh is emerging on the world travel scene as an up and coming travel destination for those who like to venture off the beaten track and experience new and fascinating cultures. Neighbouring India has been a popular travel destination for decades but for those who want to traverse a land where they are likely to have beautiful sites and temples entirely to themselves and bump into very few other adventurers, Bangladesh is the perfect alternative option.

With miles and miles of lush green countryside, rainforests, and a diverse network of rivers, Bangladesh is home to some of Asia’s most beautiful nature, in addition to its most fascinating cities.

Bangladesh Highlights

See Tigers in Their Natural Habitat

The mangrove forests of the Sundarbans national park that lies at the India-Bangladesh border is a wonderful place to spot wild Bengal tigers in their natural habitat in addition to witnessing the majestic beauty of other endangered species in the region. A lot of the wildlife present in Bangladesh is unique to this part of the world.

Take a River Tour

Bangladesh is comprised of an intricate network of rivers and to this day, river travel is one of the preferred ways to get around the country. It is estimated that Bangladesh is home to more varieties of boats than any other countries in the world. The infamous Bangladesh paddle boat steamer “The Rocket” may not be the fastest way to get around, but is a pleasant way to travel between cities while observing the country’s scenery and sipping a cup of locally adored seven colour tea.

Witness the Chaos of Dhaka

Of course, no trip to Bangladesh would be complete without exploring the chaotic, crowded capital city of Dhaka. Though they are not so accustomed to seeing international tourists, Bangladeshi people are among the friendliest in the world and will do their best to assist you during your time in their country. Dhaka is also a foodie’s paradise, with low cost local restaurants serving up diverse and flavourful dishes similar to those offered by their Indian neighbours – from roti to spicy curries and refreshing chai tea.