The Bahrain Kingdom is a small archipelago consisting of 36 islands scattered across the Arabian Gulf, bordering the coast of Saudi Arabia. As a major trade route in antiquity, the country conceals more attractions than the traveler could think of. Manama, its modern capital, full of skyscrapers and enormous constructions, is the destinations that attract most visitors.

The National Museum

If you want to understand the importance, richness, and grandeur of the history of this small territory, the national museum is a great place to start. This two-store building has several spacious and luminous rooms in which crafts (such as jewels and fabrics) are exhibited. Here, it is possible to have a glimpse of the culture of the pearls; the traditional boats (dhow); magnificent archaeological vestiges of the site of Dilmun that date back to the Bronze Age; as well as explanatory models of Bahraini architecture.

The Bahrain Fort

Bahrain enjoys an ideal location on the route between the Middle East and Asia, and for this reason has lived under the influence of many peoples, such as the Greeks, Portuguese, and Persians. These occupants left many traces of their passage including the building of forts. The most impressive is undoubtedly the fort of Bahrain: Qalaat al Bahrain, dating back to 2300 BC it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Tree of Life

This ancient acacia lost in the desert to the southeast of Bahrain, about 2 km from Djebal Dukhan (the Smoke Mountain), deserves to be the highlight of the kingdom – both for its 137 meters high and the fact that its water supply remains a mystery. According to the legend, this is the only vestige of the mythical garden of Eden, which is another reason why so many visitors come to admire this mere tree, enjoy its shade for a picnic, or touch its leaves and make a wish.

The Al Fateh Mosque

The immense mosque of Al Fateh was built from different objects and materials brought from all over the world. It is adorned with 1000 lamps, worked wood from India, thick cream-colored carpets with arabesques, a monumental chandelier from Swarovsky (Austria), among other things. With a height of 70 meters, it opened in 1994 and can receive up to 7000 people during the prayer. In the middle of the building is a vault that dominates the entire space, considered the largest fiberglass vault in the world.

Birds Kingdom

Situated on the shores of Amwaj Islands, this unique park houses various species of birds from all around the world. It was envisioned by Mr. Saud Kanoo as a way to accommodate his father’s private collection and now works as a recreational facility as well as an education center. The site opened in 2014 and since then has hosted different events, markets, parties, and exhibitions. It is a great place to relax while in Bahrain and offers a series of activities for children.