This tiny group of 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean near United States of America is indeed a paradise on earth. The Bahamas remain a part of the Commonwealth realm and thrive on tourism and finance. The natural beauty of this archipelago attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the world here every year.

This paradisiacal group of islands is indeed a gem hidden from the world which can only be discovered on visiting. One of the most popular of these is the Paradise Island, which is mostly covered by the sprawling estate of the 5-star Atlantis Resort. It is also home to one of the most famous beaches in the nation, Cabbage Beach.

Castaway Cay is yet another island that is renowned as an exclusive port for Disney Cruise Line ships. The beach of this island is filled with tiny chalets and you could indulge in parasailing and snorkeling here among other activities. A visit to the Harbour Island is a must when visiting Bahamas. You can find pink sand beaches stretching along its eastern shore and can also dive to the outlying coral reefs like the Devil’s Backbone.

On the island of New Providence in the capital city of Nassau is the Fort Fincastle which was built way back in 1793 by Lord Dunmore. You can see this paddle-steamer shaped fort from the inside as well. Nassau also houses Fort Charlotte which was built by the British during the colonial-era and is one of the many forts that dot the city’s landscape. Every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, the Junkanoo Street Parade happens in the capital, Nassau, with people dancing to music with funky costumes of Akan origin. If historical artefacts interest you, the Pirates of Nassau Museum is the place you should visit and dive into the city’s history as an 18th century pirate base.

If you’re into diving, no trip to Bahamas can be complete without a visit to the Dean’s Blue Hole which is the second-deepest known salt water blue hole in the world with an entrance below the sea level. You can plunge to a depth of 202 meters here next to Long Island. You’ll also find a replica pirate ship here.

Fancy some fishing? Elbow Cay is the perfect place for you. This cay has crystal clear waters and you could go snorkeling here or even relax and enjoy some fishing! If you’re a nature lover, the Lucayan National Park on the Grand Bahama Island is the perfect place for you. Here, you can walk through the mangroves and even explore two caves before reaching the Gold Rock Beach at the end of the park.

If you’re staying at the Atlantis, you can visit Aquaventure, the 141-acre water park where you can slide on some crazy waterslides or simply lay back in the lazy river. If you fancy underwater life and are not comfortable with diving or snorkeling, worry not as the Marine Habitat aquarium at the Atlantis features over 250 species of marine life, including sharks and stingrays!

Every island in Bahama is an untouched treasure and it is almost impossible for you to cover all the islands in one trip. Many islands still lie uninhabited and are waiting to be discovered. So head over to Bahamas and become an explorer yourself!