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For a lot of travellers, the idea of exploring Portugal is exciting but most wouldn’t know where to begin or how to get around to all the amazing sights, off-the-beaten path attractions, and hidden gems. We do however have the solutions for all your transportation and touristic needs and that is Avenidas.

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From its humble beginnings as a single-car focused on Uber rides Avenidas has now grown to become of the big transportation players in Portugal with over 20 cars owned and operated daily for tours, transfers, private rides, and platforms such as Uber and Bolt. The growth of Avenidas comes down to the focus on providing an open, committed, and friendly service with family values, efficiency, and reliability as key tenets.

Avenidas services include private and shared tours, transfers, private drivers, event transportation and an innovative product called Resolv.

Private and Shared Tours

The high quality of service, fun experiences and friendliness of tours guides have meant that Avenidas private tours have risen to the famed number one position on TripAdvisor for Lisbon tours. Popular sightseeing tours options are Sintra, Nazare, Lisbon, Porto, Berlengas, and Sesimbra.

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Shared tours while similar in content and routes offer a pleasant alternative to private tours especially for solo travellers and those who love to meet new people.

Transfers and Private Drivers

Getting from point A to point B needn’t be a bother or strain with Avenidas. Making the journey in an efficient, reliable, and professional manner take centre stage with drivers being made available on WhatsApp before and after the journey to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Why not take this one step further but hiring a private driver for the duration of your stay? Have a car and driver on your command 24/7 giving you complete freedom and control to customise any journey.


Organising safe and reliable transportation during a festival, wedding, company event, or any large gathering can be a logistical nightmare but not when you’ve got Avenidas on hand. With several cars in various sizes, Avenidas are ready to organise all transport for any event.

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Resolv Service

Resolv is a unique problem solver service offered by Avenidas. Whether you find yourself in an emergency, difficult logistical situation or are unsure how to approach a transport related problem, Resolv is ideal for finding a win-win solution.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent range of services, this includes everything from shared tours to a dedicated private driver.
  • Great display of innovation, referring specifically to the Resolv product designed to help customers in difficult situations.
  • Outstanding customers service and quality of tours as evidenced by several online reviews and through feedback from the TH awards editorial team.

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