Cultural immersion, cosmopolitan adventures, and luxury havens – Australia’s diversity deliver captivating experiences of all kinds. Remote beaches border prehistoric forests, deserts are swept by the wind that blows in rustic towns, where locals talk about art and politics in pubs. Coastal cities come alive with the sights and sounds of local culture and cuisine and fall asleep to the sound of wonderful, intriguing wildlife. Divided into six states and two territories, Australia has many exciting experiences to offer.


As one of Australia’s “must-do”, Sydney boasts some of the most hospitable and picturesque beaches in the country. Whether you’re looking to surf, relax with the family, or get outdoors with friends, miles of sand and a variety of restaurants on the beachfront make Sydney a city that can be explored at any time of the year.

Gold Coast

Known for being a surfer’s paradise, with beautiful beaches and an exciting atmosphere, the metropolitan region of Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most coveted destinations. But it is not only the beaches that Gold Coast has become such a popular spot the: an array of activities ranging from theme parks to unparalleled natural beauty parks are also on the list.


A cosmopolitan city that does not lose its charm and elegance: this is Melbourne. As Australia’s second largest city and one of the country’s business centers, Melbourne lavishes culture, organization, and has a rather plural atmosphere. Here, you find cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes, people from all over the world, and a mix of modern and classic, which make Melbourne one of the best cities in the world to live.

The Outback

This large arid plateau with reddish lands, low mountains, dry vegetation, and with venomous animals is one of the main destinations in Australia for those who decide to leave the beaches behind. The Australian outback is home to the Kata Tjuta (which rises from a plain in the middle of the desert), and Ayers Rock – the largest monolith in the world, known as Uluru by the Aborigines.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia and one of the country’s top ecotourism destinations. Accessible from Adelaide, the region is known for displaying fantastic coastal landscapes, as well as housing impressive wildlife such as sea lions, kangaroos, koalas, penguins and the beautiful marsupials known as wallabies. It is also possible to admire rock escarpments and caves, swim and fishing along the many beaches and bays.

Kakadu National Park & Arnhem Lands

Kakadu National Park and the Arnhem Lands occupy more than 110,000 square kilometers in the northeast of the Northern Territory, with diverse landscapes that make up the famous adventure scenery, aboriginal culture, and ecological activities. Kakadu National Park is Australia’s largest park, and it is home to one of the largest concentrations of Aboriginal rock art in the world. Also known for its strong aboriginal culture, Arnhem Lands is dotted with wild coastlines, savannas, lush marshes, and prolific animal life.

The West Coast Wilderness Railway

If you are in Tasmania do not miss the trip from Strahan to Queenstown on the West Coast Wilderness Railway. This 35km-journey runs through the King River Gorge, into millenary forests and picturesque towns. On top of that, local guides bring the experience to life by telling stories of the main historical spots in the region.