Did you know that kangaroos and emus cannot walk backwards? That is why these native Australian animals are often featured on Australian sports teams kits and Australian passports. It is a point of pride that make these animals representative of the Australian attitude – always moving forwards.

Although we all love them there is more to Australia than Kangaroos and Koalas. Current records indicate that there are 386 species native to Australia. One of our particular favourites is the Shingleback Lizard, aka Sleepy Lizard or Short Tail. A fun fact about these is that they mate for life, and often go into hibernation during the winter months and find their significant other again during the summer…how romantic!

Of course you cannot talk about Australian animals without mentioning Kangaroos; the loveable bouncy animals are known the world over. If you find yourself in Alice Springs and want to get up close to these wonderful animals then take a visit to the Kangaroo Animal Sanctuary, here you will have the chance to feed and pet the beautiful animals and observe them as they live in a peaceful, spacious environment.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of the snakes and spiders that call Australia home. Don’t worry they aren’t out to get you and are not lying in wait for you. You would have to be pretty lucky to see the infamous brown snake, but there are many sanctuaries and zoos where, if you feel brave enough can hold a snake or tarantula for yourself.


Koalas are often strewn across websites and postcards; this is because of their infinite cuteness. One of the best places to catch these animals in the wild is in Port Stephens, just an hour outside of Newcastle, Port Stephens is dense with mahogany trees that offer great natural habitat for the furry creatures. While you are here there are some incredible hikes you can undertake too.

There is a whole other of animals to discover off dry land, whether it’s the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland or perhaps the less known but just as impressive Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, there is a heap to enjoy no matter you go. Then of course there are the animals that you don’t wish to witness in the water – sharks and crocs. Well, if you are brave enough head to Port Lincoln in South Australia for shark cage dive experience where you literally are inches away from sharks as they swim past you, a truly experience if you are feeling brave!