Culture is a strong part of people’s lives. It is through this phenomenon that most of our lives are moulded. Atlungstad Brenneri of Norway is apt for anyone looking to gain a cultural experience. The company is known to offer open guided tours to help visitors expand their aquavit knowledge, further experience the atmosphere of an aquavit store and see the impressive fermentation tanks in Norway’s only genuine potato liquor distillery, that is still operational. Guided tours take place in the production plant for potato alcohol production and the aquavit warehouse. The company makes use of these guided tours to tell and show the whole process from potato to acquavit.

Arctic Adventures Whale Watching

Arctic Adventures Whale Watching

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Atlungstad Brenneri was established back in 1855. Ever since then, thousands of visitors from across the globe travel to the company to taste its aquavit. Guided tours including tasting have a duration of about 1.5 hours. Information regarding the production and the variations in the Norwegian national spirits, barrel storage, seasoning and how aquavit can best be served is provided to visitors. You can try out four different types of aquavits here.

The best part about the service is that it can also be combined with many other pleasant visits to Hedmark, including Jernbanemuseet, Anno Museum, Proysenhuset, Skibladner, Stange Vestbygd, Mios Farms, Simenstad Farms and the Pilgrim’s tours. A visit to Atlungstad Brenneri fits well as an excursion for teams, clubs or groups who want a unique experience. The beautiful, red-brick buildings of Atlungstad Brenneri are idyllically situated at the edge of a lake in Stange Vestbygd, also referred to as “The Tuscany of the North”. The 30 meter high burner pipe can be seen from Hamar, which is only a short bike ride away. Atlungstad is a unique cultural monument where you get to see both Norwegian industrial architecture, burning history, and Norwegian aquavit production in the last 150 years.

The company customizes the program based on your interests and wishes, and tailor a package for you. In the program they can offer guided tours with tasting, aquavit lectures with tasting, drink lessons, and lunch and dinner for groups of at least 20 people.

Why not put the meeting day in historical surroundings? At Atlungstad, there’s plenty of room for strategic meetings, seminars and business dinners. The company offers meeting rooms for groups of up to 70 people. There are day packages that include coffee, fruit, lunch, cake and a guided tour. But there are larger packages where one can end the day with lectures, aquavit tasting and dinner. Together, the company sets up the day based on your desire and creates a program that gives you a break from your hectic life.

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