You’ve been to a wildlife safari but have you ever been in an underwater Aqua Safari? That’s the exact experience that you can get with Aquafari. You can go down to the depths of the Caribbean in self-propelled submersible scooters and explore the underwater life! You’ll be able to see schools of fish, scenic underwater landscapes and other underwater creatures on your voyage in the infinite blue.

You can glide without any efforts in the ocean in your very own submersible scooter. You can even see the beauty of the world beneath the surface of the seas. Be it fish that interest you or maybe even corals on the colorful coral reef, you can freely explore the oceans far and wide. The best part about this activity is that it is a great family activity so you can take a dip into the deep blue with your family and friends and have lasting memories there.

They even have your photos covered so that you can totally concentrate on living the experience. You don’t need to even be an expert at diving. They have got your safety covered as well. The scooters come with an oxygen tank that is connected to a glass container through which you can breathe. This is your chance to explore the underwater world without being a scuba diver too!

All their tours are 1.5 hours long and you will be trained well before your voyage into the oceans. You could even choose to take their Beach Day Pass along with your dive. If you wish to have a fancy romantic dinner by the beach, they arrange that for you as well.

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Phone: +5999 5132625
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