Australia is the perfect to country to take a long drive in. It is so vast, its terrain so varied and sights so diverse – it really is one of the world’s best places to go road tripping. North, South, East or West, whatever direction you travel you’re sure to have a great time. One excellent road trip you can undertake is a drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast. This stunning, coastal drive stands at a distance of 842km, it may seem daunting but it is relatively tame by Australian standards.

One of the massive advantages of Australia is the road trip culture that exists there. It is super straight forward getting your hands on a car, with so many rental companies offering a variety of cars, campervans and 4x4s. If you are staying in Australia for an extended it is very easy to buy a car, you will have no trouble selling it on afterwards thanks to the high demand to see this country on four wheels.

As you say goodbye to Sydney, the first stop on your tour will be The Central Coast. Standing only an hour North of Sydney, it may only be right at the start of your road trip but it is certainly worth a stop here. A stop off at Terrigal is worth a look too, a popular beach destination thanks to the cosmopolitan vibe of the seaside town. For those that want to get lost in nature than visit Bouddi National Park.

The first city you will see after Sydney is Newcastle. This beach side city has a plethora of great beaches, while also offering the convenience of city life. Plus, tucked away on streets like ‘Derby Street’ are some great pubs, restaurants and great spots for live music.


Your first stop off after Newcastle has to be the Hunter Valley region. Home to over 140 wineries, this is where to go to sample Australia’s most famous and fabled wines. As you head back up the coast, our next highlight is Port Macquarie. This unspoilt town is nestled in the mouth of the Hastings River. A highlight here is the St Thomas’ Anglican Church, which was built by convicts in the 19th Century, time your visit here during the winter (June – August) and there are cruises where you can go whale watching.

Coffs Harbour marks the halfway point between of the drive, this stop of is sure to be a highlights thanks to the many sites such as stunning beaches, marine sanctuary and the iconic big banana. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the spectacular views from the Forest Sky Pier at Sealy Lookout.

As you edge closer to the Gold Coast, you will come across one of the most popular spots in Australia, Byron Bay. It is best known for its almost hippy-like, laid back atmosphere. So if you are into surfing, make sure you hire a board and take a dip here.

Shortly after Byron Bay, you will have reached the Gold Coast. How long you want to take is up to you and your time constraints. You would need at least a week to appreciate some of the highlights we have mentioned, but if time permits than why not take your drive at a leisurely place and enjoy up to three weeks?