Founded in New York, American Concierge offers privately guided tours of Paris along with multi-day customised itineraries of the City of Lights. Immerse yourself in the full Parisian experience along and get to know the city from the eyes of the local residents. Based on your own tastes and requirements, itineraries are created that help you make unique memories of the city; discover the sprawling palace of Versailles or the elegant Louvre Museum and marvel at some of the finest jazz bars with the help of the exclusive tours offered by American Concierge. The customisation of each trip is made easy by a simple web form available on the website via which you can easily convey your precise requirements, from short weekend trips to longer five-day tours or more. For an extra special trip, American Concierge also offer private one-week tours with the founder of the company; with just ten guests in each tour, you are guaranteed the best service and a personal introduction to Paris.
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