Skiing and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps make for a perfect winter break. Many people however are put off by the mere inability to ski or snowboard and wouldn’t know where to start should they decide to begin. We however have the answer, and it is the Alpine Ski School!!

Zermatt Ski School

Based in Zermatt, the excellently rated Alpine Ski School is headed up by pals Maxime Riviera and David “Dido” Erba, both experienced, multilingual, and knowledgeable in the art of skiing, snowboarding and even mono-skiing.

Maxime and David along with their professional team are ready to welcome all regardless of your experience or skill level. Lessons are made to fit with individual requirements, so you are ensured the best education to improve your ability while at the same time having fun. Instructors available can speak English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Zermatt ski school team

There are 3 distinct services on offer, these are private lessons, a VIP day, and Off-Piste guiding and touring.

Private Lessons

As you’d expect these are ski and snowboarding classes tailored to an individual’s skill level and offer excellent value for money in Zermatt. Lessons are delivered by passionate and dedicated instructors

Skiing in Zermatt


An exciting and unforgettable experience. The day starts with a hotel pick up following by skiing down some of the most sensational runs in the area and the chance to stop at several viewpoints. In the afternoon you can stop at a few attractions and explore the sunny Italian side of the resort. For lunch, a gourmet restaurant chose especially for you. To top it off you also get the opportunity to go on a helicopter tour around the Matterhorn.

Zermatt ski school


Half or full day of Off-Piste instruction and guiding. Instructors know the area well, so you’re guaranteed the amazing freeride runs of the resort.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Brilliant range of services that cover a wide range of bases; the VIP day is a unique and fulfilling option.
  • Fantastic instructors, the team is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing a positive experience.
  • Terrific online reviews and feedback; customers are happy with the professionalism, service, and value for money.
  • Great feedback on professionalism from the TH Awards team on previous partnerships

Alpine Ski School LogoAddress: Metzggasse 9, 3920, Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 136 05 54
Email: [email protected]