Alojamento Batata

Alojamento BatataNestled on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is one of the most alluring
countries in Europe. It is replete with expansive vineyards, lush farmlands, pristine
coastlines, medieval towns, and a rich culture that dates back by centuries.

In recent years Portugal has become a prominent vacation spot; thanks to its unique culture, renowned gastronomy, beautiful weather, scintillating attractions, and affordability. To enhance your Portuguese rendezvous, choose to stay at Alojamento Batata in Nazare and indulge in the sheer luxury offered by them.

Perfect Beach Retreat

Alojamento Batata offers an exotic stay in their beachfront apartments located on the blue
waters of the Silver Coast. Each apartment affords some stunning beach views so your vacation is completely sorted. You can sit back on the plus furnishings and enjoy watching the waves hit the shores gently.

Coming to accommodation, Alojamento Batata has something for all. Whether you are on a
romantic getaway with your significant other or on a family trip, they have fabulous
beachfront apartments which can host upto 7 people. You can even choose to stay in one of their four independent rooms.

Apart from the enthralling sea views from the balcony, the rooms provide ultra-luxurious stays at budget-friendly prices. The rooms are beautifully decorated with regal paintings, antique items, and classic furniture. Each apartment consists of high-quality bedding, spacious bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen with oven, microwave, electric teapot, and a coffee machine.

What makes Alojamento Batata the perfect beachfront apartment is the unsurpassed service
provided by the in-house staff and crew. They are always on their toes, catering to every
whim and fancy of their guests. Furthermore, the Batata Lodge benefits from a privileged
beachfront location on the main avenue of Nazaré, in the center of the historic village.
Vacationers can explore several shops and restaurants in the vicinity.

The confluence of rich heritage and ultra-modern entertainment makes it a blissful vacation
spot. Guests can also indulge in several in-house recreational activities such as yoga and water
sports like surfing and dolphin rides!

Getting Around

Nazaré is indeed a paradise in itself. It is visited annually by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists, and today it is known to be the world reference of surfing with the massive waves near its beaches. While in Nazaré, you can explore few of the most mesmerizing beaches of Portugal, marvel at some of the majestic surfers across the globe, take the funicular from the beach to the cliffs, witness traditional Portuguese fishing, explore picturesque buildings and treat yourself with lip-smacking sea food!

For foodies, Nazaré has excellent restaurants with fresh fish and seafood, offering different varieties of dishes such as fish pasta, grilled sardines, grilled sea bass.

A luxurious stay in beachfront apartments is on the bucket list of many, and Alojamento
Batata is transforming that dream into reality. Every corner of Alojamento Batata explodes
with fun and frolic making your holiday unique and memorable. It lends a new perspective to your Portuguese experience that
remains etched in your heart forever!

Address: Rua Branco Martins 24A, Nazare 2450-172, Portugal
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +351 919 245 867