Alberta is a popular tourism destination, close to nature, and a welcome break from the concrete jungles and over populated areas across the world. Located in the Western Province of Canada, the wilderness of Alberta is well known, and since Banff National Park was created in the 1880’s, four more national parks have been added, Elk Island, Jasper, Waterton Lakes, and Wood Buffalo National Parks.

The national parks are protected and home to a variety of wildlife, including some rare species that continue to thrive. Visitors to the parks can not only enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitat but appreciate the fantastic landscape including snow covered mountains, forests, desert Badlands, over 600 lakes, and fantastic night skies, unpolluted from city lights.

Alberta has been a tourist destination since the early 20th century, with so many outdoor activities on offer, some more strenuous than others. In addition to the national parks, there are world class facilities for skiing, great hiking trails and camping, with adventures to be experienced as you explore the vast terrain.

The wilderness of Alberta also offers fantastic hunting and fishing, with worldwide visitors looking to experience the real thing. Bow River is a dream location for fishermen, ideal for flying fishing in the amply stocked rivers, hopefully landing that “special catch”
There are a number of must see museums in Alberta, such as the Royal Alberta Museum, a museum of human and natural history, this is the largest museum in Western Canada.

There is so much to see and appreciate in Alberta for visitors, Alberta is geared up for tourism with a large selection of hotels of different standard on offer. Alberta covers over 600,000 km2, the planning of your trip is essential to ensure the “must see” attractions of Alberta are not missed.