Accra is Ghana’s splendid capital and it will likely be your first point of contact with the country. Accra is hot all year round, with a couple of short rainy seasons; one between April and mid-July and another one occurring in October. When it does rain, it’s not usually a lengthy downpour but rather short bursts of intense rainfall, gladly welcomed by the locals due to the levels of humidity in the area.

Over the last 2 decades, Accra has developed considerably. It has a great selection of shopping malls, brilliant nightlife choices and ample opportunities to sample delicious Ghanaian cuisine. Because of its rich history, Accra offers a range of options for culture-hungry visitors.

Getting around in Accra is pretty easy, despite regularly congested traffic. There are various intercity bus routes that cover the entire area and taxis are literally everywhere and cheap enough. You can also easily get an Uber. For a truly local experience, hop on a tro tro, a shared minivan that follows a specific route in and around the city center.

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Make sure to taste kelewele (caramelised plantain), a local delicacy you can find almost everywhere. Many snack bars prepare authentic local cuisine at very cheap prices so allow yourself to be immersed in the warmth of the local hospitality. Coffee culture is a big thing in Accra with hip and quirky coffee shops popping up all around the city, frequented by cool youths eager to share their latest escapades with you.

Accra hosts numerous art exhibitions and there are various galleries to visit if you are an Art enthusiast. Tiga African Art Consultancy houses remarkable paintings and sculptures. The Artists’ Alliance Gallery features excellent items to buy at considerably reasonable prices, including wooden carvings and curious artefacts and local souvenirs.

Though Accra is a coastal city with long sandy stretches, it’s worth venturing a few kilometres west to find Bojo, one of the most glorious and pristine beaches of the area. Far quieter and cleaner then its main competitors, this is a lovely spot for relaxation, swimming and sunbathing, suitable for the entire family. To get to the actual beach you board a little boat and pay a small entrance fee- all worth it just to be able to lie one the unspoiled sandy beach and get lost in the clear blue skies. There is also a restaurant that sells fresh food and drinks.