The island of Rhodes is one of the most beautiful of the Dodecanese and one filled with natural wonders, splendid architecture and ancient ruins. This culture-soaked, sunny paradise is now easily accessible to a wide range of visitors with special needs and disabilities, thanks to the services provided by Accessible Rhodes

Accessible Rhodes is a private initiative and community project with a shared vision to ensure tourism on the island is an enjoyable experience for everyone, including people with reduced mobility. It consists of a network of agencies that work together to guarantee a smooth, tailor-made experience. The project’s mission is to make Tourism available for all and not only healthy and mobile individuals.

It includes the provision of specially designed vehicles that cater for specific needs and provide safe and convenient transport to all accessible destinations around the island. This is available 24/7 by arrangement. There is also the option of hiring speciality equipment to make visitors journeys as comfortable as possible. Specially trained staff are always available to help and place great emphasis on maintaining individuals’ safety and dignity.

The company’s connection with the Association of Qualified Tourist Guides of the Dodecanese makes for the perfect holiday. You can discover the nearby Symi island, and get transported to the boat using specially adapted seats before arriving to enjoy a tour of the narrow streets of Yalos village. Or opt for the popular City Tour HD and discover the wonders of the Old Town and ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

accessible rhodes

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  • Amazing dedication to providing an enjoyable, respectful and stress-free experience for all types of travellers regardless of any difficulties. 
  • Straightforward and uncomplicated website, easy to navigate and great source of information for all travellers. 
  • Great online reviews and feedback.
Accessible RhodesAddress: Lindou 5th km, Rodos 851 00
Phone: +302241084500
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