Villa Holidays have grown in popularity, what initially started off as a trend has now cemented itself into an increasingly popular choice of accommodation. Nowadays travellers want the freedom and privacy of their own wholly rented accommodation. This is evident in the rise and dominance of Airbnb and other such services. Privately rented villas are a great option especially for groups and larger families that might find themselves boxed in at hotels or too big to squeeze into an apartment. 

Some of key features of private villas includes swimming pools, hot tubs, private dining areas, outdoor spaces, kitchen, lounge area, private parking and gym. Not all of these may be on offer, but most are likely to be covered.

Many Villa owners and managers also provide extra’s such cleaning services, activities, groceries, transfers, private chefs and even some cases will help to organise small gatherings.

In this piece we will analyse the key point to consider when booking a villa. Further on we’ll also look at the different types of villa trips and further options that offer a balance between villas and hotels.

1  – Online Booking & Reservation

The most important component to consider when booking a villa. We recommend going with reputable and well-known booking sites such as and, companies such as these take care of the whole booking and have been in contact with owners to validate the property. At times costs may be higher however it does mean an increase security and safety when booking. Reviews on these sites are reliable and companies may inspect the property first before adding it to their listing.

Booking sites are great sources to find out about extra services a villa manager can provide, some popular requests are a daily maid service, tours, transfers and a personal chef.

2 – Location

Often overlooked, you may find a nice villa with great facilities at a bargain price, but the trade-off could be a remote or difficult to reach location. Always double check where the property is located before booking as you may need to organise personal transport to the property and even for the duration of the stay.

3 – Season Service

Travelling outside of the high season is a good idea, flights are generally cheaper, destinations less crowded and there are better accommodation deals. The better price deals may come with a compromise. In many cases this means certain facilities aren’t available mainly to cut costs due to less bookings. Always check if swimming pools, outdoor areas and amenities are still on offer, otherwise you may be in for a nasty shock.

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