Home to the most famous national parks of the continent, Tanzania also has the great Mount Kilimanjaro. Frequented by all major wildlife enthusiasts, this country is also the place where you can witness the great migration; a unique natural phenomenon that can only be witnessed here. With sprawling cities of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar and their beautiful beaches, even relaxed vacations can be spent here. Crystal clear waters here beckon scuba divers and snorkelers from around the world to explore the coral gardens and other underwater scenery.

The snowcapped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro are known worldwide and climbing to the summit of this enormous mountain and seeing the vast Serengeti spread out in front of your eyes is an out worldly experience. The vast treeless Serengeti National Park is the site of the great migration of wild beasts and zebras and witnessing this sight with herds of hundreds of thousands of other animals makes you marvel at the beauty of nature. Ngorongoro Crater is the one area that has a permanent supply of water and draws thousands of animals for the same reason and this is a one of a kind sight with even flocks of flamingoes enjoying the water. Lake Manyara National Park is nearly covered by water and has a huge population of elephants, lions and hippos, and the safaris here allow you to observe them from close range; biking across the park and canoeing are the other ways to explore this natural reserve.

Scenic white sand beaches of Zanzibar with their crystal clear waters are a major holidaying destination and lazing around here in the beach shacks or surfing in the water is a treat here. The Stone Town located at a few miles from here is the cultural heart of the country and walking through the winding narrow lanes and alleyways here seeing the stone homes with brass studded wooden doors is what makes up the experience of this oldest functioning Swahili city of the world. Mafia Island is a diver and snorkeler paradise and has a protected undersea world and seeing the countless number of birds and hundreds of species of fishes along with the breeding of the green turtles, which are on the brink of extinction, is an experience that you can only get here. The northernmost island of Zanzibar archipelago, Pemba Island, is known for its lush coral gardens, colorful sponges and sea fans underwater and is yet another diving destination. Exotic cloves are produced here and you can shop for some of the best quality cloves or even witness some traditional bullfighting, which has continued here even after the Portuguese left.

While the major cities of Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam have their own set of attractions, they are trumped by the sheer number of natural attractions that the numerous national parks offer in Tanzania and a bulk of tourists come here specifically to visit these famous parks. Where else can you dream of actually sitting next to a cheetah, like in Cheetah’s Rock or witness thousands of animals walking across vast lands in search of a new home? With an abundance of natural wonders, Tanzania is the place to head to for your next vacation and dive into the world of forests and animals.