Hawaii is a great place for hiking, it can lead to the most amazing adventure, but can be dangerous at the same time, so being aware of the potential hazards.

The hiking in Hawaii is varied with trails for beginners to trails that are recommended only for the most experienced of hikers.
It gets dark quickly in Hawaii due to its proximity to the equator, so as the sun drops lower towards the sea, light disappears rapidly. It is important to plan to finish your hike long before darkness, in the summer it is completely dark by 7.15pm.

Be aware of the weather conditions, as Hawaii can have high winds and torrential rain, leading to slippery trails and even flash floods, as some of the trails are narrow and can be close to sheer drops on both sides, you need to be careful in good conditions, so better to avoid in poor weather. Be aware of rockfalls, especially near waterfalls.

The best time to plan to hike in Hawaii is between April and October as during these months, the weather conditions are the best.
There are many excellent hiking trails in Hawaii, such as along the 175 mile Kona Coast, on the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail. This trail will lead you through cultural sites, Hawaiian fishponds and other historical sites.

Pololu Valley Lookout is another trail popular with hikers, the trail leads to a black sand beach via the green Waipio Valley, the landscape and scenery are outstanding.

Why not take part in a Hawaiian rainforests hike, with dense forests, ideal for another adventure? Admire the tropical plants, as well as streams, waterfalls, trees and exotic animals.

It is important to stay on the trails and not wander off as there are potential dangers, such as hunters (wear bright clothes so easily seen) or illegal marijuana growers, although you are unlikely to meet the illegal farmers as their patches are typically not close to the hiking trails.

If you are hiking alone, always ensure a mobile phone is to hand, with the uneven ground, an ankle could easily be injured, and as many of their trails are remote, it may be a long wait before another hiker passes.

In summary, Hawaii is a fantastic place to hike with many wonderful trails which allow you to experience all Hawaii has to offer, a little extra care can ensure your trip is unforgettable.