– By Kim Feldmann

As Israel’s financial and technological hub, the city of Tel Aviv is the second-most-populous urban area in the country, widely known for its Mediterranean-bathed beaches and vibrant multicultural identity.

An inspiring way to start the day in Tel Aviv is by walking along the promenade – towards the old port city of Jaffa – while welcoming the first rays of sunlight and inhaling the fresh sea breeze. In Jaffa, the narrow stone streets lead to locally-owned cafes notable for their classic Israeli breakfast: omelette with fresh herbs, home-made jam, fresh bread, and ‘labne’ – a thick, yogurt-based cheese.

During the day, there is the option of enjoying one of the many sections on Tel Aviv beach; visiting the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel’s largest museum) or the Diaspora Museum (a chronicle of Jewish heritage around the world) for a culture soak up; exploring the city’s streets, squares, and gardens – the Hayarkon Park and botanical garden being a highlight; or visiting the White City, a UNESCO Heritage Site featuring more than four thousand (mostly white) buildings in the Bauhaus style of architecture.

Last but not least is Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene – often a requisite among party-aficionados but nevertheless an interesting experience for anyone who would like to have a comprehensive glimpse of the city.