European holidays are nothing short of magical as they have everything from the natural beauty of Spain to man-made wonders in Greece. More than the attractions, however, it’s also home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts. They boast excellent service, fabulous atmosphere, and exquisite culinary offerings that contribute to the entire experience. Travel and Hospitality Awards previously recommended mouth-watering European food, and if you’ve been dreaming of the perfect getaway, there’s no better way than to experience it in some of their best resorts.

Be prepared to have a serious case of wanderlust after hearing about these luxurious vacation destinations.

1. Canaves Oia, Santorini, Greece

Santorini is famous for their Insta-worthy architecture. Canaves Oia contributes to the splendour of the area, with an unmistakably beautiful Greek design. The resort is comprised of a hotel, suites, and villas, all offering unique views of Thira.

The design theme is predominantly white, from walls to decor, which brings out a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Marie Claire praises its creative cave-like interiors that make it stand out among the other hotels in the area. The suites and villas also have balconies where you can enjoy the famous Santorini sunset. Rates peak during summer so it’s advisable to visit early spring or autumn for an equally enjoyable experience.

2. Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Radisson Blu Resort is the ideal place to unwind. It houses a bijou spa, hammam, and whirlpool tub, as well as sports areas including tennis and volleyball courts. All 189 rooms have modern architecture and overlook stunning seascapes. Their Superior Suites feel more like a flat, as each one measures 200sqm and comes with a lounge, terrace, kitchen, and living space. Travellers can basically set their vacation at any date, since the island experiences 300 sunny days a year.

With prices that peak at €300 a night, this Canary Islands resort is one of the most opulent in the area. Its primary the guests are the rich and famous. For instance, a EuroMillions winner spent a portion of his prize money on a Canary Islands getaway, including a stay at Radisson Blu. The top prize for winning the EuroMillions, according to Lottoland can reach €190 million (£148,656,000). Of course, not everyone is rich or a lottery winner, but if you save hard you can make your dreams come true by staying at the Radisson Blu Resort.

3. Belmond Castello di Casole, Casole d’Elsa, Italy

Looking for somewhere that could be the setting of a fairytale? Castello di Casole fits the bill. This Italian resort is a 10th-century Tuscan castle turned 41-suite luxury resort. The majority of people who have stayed here rated it highly for its otherworldly experience and fine dining. It’s part of a 4,200-acre wine estate that boast views overlooking rolling hills and vineyards, as well as Tuscany itself. Farmhouse villas are available for rent, and there are pools which are perfect for relaxing in.

4. Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik has beautiful chic interiors and 173 rooms, all with magnificent sea views of Lapad Bay. The Telegraph rated it 9 of out 10, and stated that the hotel’s views make vacationers feel like they have been transported into a different world. Everything from the state of the art amenities to the meticulous design of the resort, they all have a very distinct, high-end feel.

5. W Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

W Barcelona offers sleek and modern architecture perfect for the younger crowd. Some rooms have all-glass fronts which allow vacationers to see spectacular views. Even the standard rooms have telescopes to appreciate the grandiose views. The stylish interiors make you feel like you’re stepping into a party scene. Private cabins range from €250 to €500, complemented by top-notch services and facilities with scrumptious Spanish delicacies to match. The location of W Barcelona is a little bit secluded, which offers peace and quiet after a day of social activities in the city.

6. Le Petit Nice Passedat Hotel, Marseille, France

Le Petit Nice is the only hotel resort in this list which has a three-star Michelin restaurant. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a beautiful French holiday and an incredible gastronomic experience. The restaurant, which is headed by Chef Gérald Passedat, is included in numerous ‘best food/restaurant’ lists in France. The property belongs to the Passedat family, and it has been under their care for three generations and counting. The hotel’s living spaces are greeted by warm sunlight through large windows, and the earthy colour scheme creates a homey atmosphere. Breathtaking ocean views may be enjoyed just about everywhere in the resort. The Mediterranean experience here is surely like no other.