Vanuatu is a land of wonder and fascination, with some many highlights; it can be hard to know exactly what to do. So let us help you and pick our favourite 5 things to do in the beautiful region.

Volcano Trek

Located on Ambrym Island, the twin volcanic peaks of Mount Marum and Mount Benbow both contain active lava lakes inside their craters. This two-day trek is truly ad adventure, hiking through jungle and steep mountains – it isn’t a trip for the faint hearted. It is worth the hardship though because as you reach the top you will discover an amazing bubbling lava lake, it will feel like you are looking at the very center of the earth.

Blue Lagoons

Perhaps the most touristy thing to do on the island – and for good reason. The blue lagoons that are found in Vanuatu are a spectacle to behold. The most popular lagoons are Riri Blue Hold, Nanda Blue Hole and Matevulu Blue Hole. The azure blue waters are also perfect for diving, so whether you are a snorkeler or a scuba diver, beginner or expert there will be a diving spot for you.


National Museum of Vanuatu

This fascinating museum is housed in a traditional building opposite the country’s parliament. Founded in 1959, here you will find, ancient artefacts such as a tamtam (slit gongs or slit drums), outrigger canoes, ceremonial headdresses, shell jewellery and examples of Lapita and Wusi pottery. The mission of the museum is to “promote, protect and preserve the different aspects of the culture of Vanuatu. This is a great way to learn about Vanuatu, its history and its culture.

Head to the bar

It won’t take you long to become familiar with the local drink of Kava. Made from the roots of the Kava plant, you will find it served in Kava Bars or ‘Nakamals’ as they are known locally. This local drink goes back more than 3000 years, it is an integral part of Vanuatu custom and it has a strong spiritual background in the country. Kava is not actually alcoholic, it is actually a drug extracted from the plant of the same name. It has a relaxing effect similar to marijuana; it is not addictive or dangerous and can be enjoyed in the perfect surrounds of this beautiful region.

Visit Port Olry

This sleepy village lies at the end of a sealed road on the eastern side of the Island. This small, francophone fishing village is home to one of the world’s most stunning stretches of white sand that are hugged by majestic turquoise waters. As you gaze out upon the sea you will notice picturesque offshore islands which only adds further to this dramatic landscape. This is the second largest settlement on the island and there is plenty to do here in forms of restaurants and bars too.