If following the crowds around the usual Caribbean islands, Hawaii or Alaska doesn’t float your boat, then why not try one of the many cruise destinations that make your sailing experience a more unique adventure?

From the Norwegian Arctic to the Amazon River, there are a wide variety of cruise options out there which offer exciting new opportunities. So rather than settling for another trip around the Bahamas, maybe this year you should use your cruise travel insurance to cover you for something a little more exhilarating…

The North Pole

Trips to Alaska have become big news on the cruise circuit in recent years, but if you want a truly unique northern adventure then why not venture even further north to the very top of the world?

Sail through the midnight sun from Helsinki – past colonies of penguins, seals, walruses and, if you’re lucky, loan polar bears – before reaching the ice of the North Pole. The ship will literally crush a path through the frozen water to reach this dramatic destination.

A Nature Exploration of the Amazon

While the large cruise ships can only get as far as Manaus, there are companies which will offer smaller river boat tours and the opportunity to follow the iconic Amazon right to its Peruvian heart.

Take your time meandering along its course on board before going ashore and discovering the stunning wildlife which calls this river home – everything from the channel billed-toucans to the pink Amazon dolphins. Just make sure you’ve got your cruise travel insurance in place before you set off on this exhilarating exploration.

The Backwaters of Kerala

Explore the inaccessible heart of rural southern India in a way that would be virtually impossible from land. Travel slowly through the waters around Kerala where you will have the chance to stop off at fishing villages and talk to the locals, watch the traditional dancing of the region and take an excursion on a historic rice boat.

Discover the Kamchatka Peninsula

Travel to Russia’s remote Siberian coast and discover the solitude and isolation of its frozen Kamchatka Peninsula. Sail past snow-capped volcanoes and desolate icy landscapes before stopping off at its small towns and villages, in which the way of life has not changed for hundreds of years.

The wildlife here is spectacular, from brown bears and arctic foxes to wolves and reindeer, while in the water you could see sea otters, seals and sea-lions.

Travel Tips for Cruising

Taking an unusual cruise may mean a little more preparation than when you travel the more common tourist trail. Before you set off, think about things like whether you are going to need any special clothing, medication (jabs or malaria pills for example) and if you want to pre-book any special excursions to really explore your exciting destination.

TOP TIP: Make sure to take out specialist cruise travel insurance to cover you for all legs of your journey. Standard travel insurance may not cut it for this type of adventure!

But once all the preparation is done and you finally weigh anchor, you’ll be thrilled that you decided to do something different. If life is a journey, you’ve just taken a whole new and exciting path.